UKC Point System

The following points are earned for EACH class the Dog wins:

Regular classes: 5 points
Puppy (6 months and under 1 year)
Junior (1 year and under 2 years)
Senior (2 years and under 3 years)
Adult (3 years and over)
Breeder Handler

Best Male/Female of Variety (under variety and over variety) gets an additional 8 points

Best Male/Female gets an additonal 10 points

Best of Winners gets an additional 12 points

The dog or bitch that is awarded Best of Winners earns 35 points for that day. However, there must be both a Best Male and Best Female competing to earn a Best of Winners. In other words, if there is a Best Female but no males showed there will not be a Best of Winners.

To earn a CHAMPIONSHIP the dog must earn 100 points under 3 or more different judges. The dog must also win 3 Best Male/Female, or Best of Winners or Best of Breed WITH COMPETITION.

To earn a GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP the dog must show in the Champions class and MUST win the class 5 times, under 3 different judges at 5 different shows, with a minimal of 3 dogs each time.